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Figure 4 | Nuclear Receptor

Figure 4

From: Evolutionary selection across the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily with a focus on the NR1I subfamily (vitamin D, pregnane X, and constitutive androstane receptors)

Figure 4

Estimates of ω ratios for individual codons in the DBDs of 6 NR genes. The graphs in (A) through (F) plot the estimated ω ratios for individual codons of the DBDs of 6 NR genes derived from the 'best minimum' PAML discrete model, utilizing sequence data from all available vertebrate species (note that the CAR gene is found only in mammals). In contrast to the analyses of the LBDs in Figure 3, the ω ratio variation in the DBDs for the six NR genes shown in (A) through (F) is limited and restricted to low ω ratios.

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