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Table 3 Transcription factors or cofactors that interact with SF-1. For each interacting factor, the resulting functional interaction, the experimental approach used to evidence the physical interaction and the model promoter are indicated.

From: SF-1 a key player in the development and differentiation of steroidogenic tissues

Factor Functional interaction Physical interaction Promoter Bibliography
TreP132 allows CBP/p300 recruitment Co-IP, pull-down, two-hybrid P450scc [160, 161]
GATA-4 Independent of GATA binding to DNA Pull-down MIS [106, 150]
SOX9 Increases transcription in the presence of SF-1 Two-hybrid, pull-down, co-IP, EMSA MIS [105]
WT1-KTS Activation by WT-1 is dependent on SF-1 binding to its site. No WT-1 binding to DNA Two-hybrid, GST pull-down MIS [107]
Sp1 Cooperation dependent on the cell type Co-IP, two-hybrid, EMSA StAR [202]
Sp1 Cooperation required for basal and cAMP-induced activity. Allows recruitment of CBP Two-hybrid, EMSA bovine P450scc [153, 162]
Egr-1 Synergistic activation. Egr-1 expression is induced by GnRH. Pull-down LH-β [155157]
Ptx-1 Synergy depends on SF-1 binding to DNA Pull-down, two-hybrid LH-β [158, 159]
CREB Synergy in basal and cAMP-induced conditions. Allows CBP recuitment Pull-down α-Inhibin [163]
CREB Synergy in response to cAMP. FSH induces CREB and SF-1 phosphorylation Not demonstrated Aromatase [86, 164]
AP-1/c-jun Synergy for P450scc and an artificial promoter activation Pull-down P450scc and SFRE-tk-CAT [14, 21]
TF-IIB No determined Pull-down   [14]
C/EBPβ C/EBP binding sites are required for activation by SF-1 Pull-down mStAR [112]
USF USF is required for SF-1 to activate rFSH-R promoter. Activation is inhibited by PKA. Not demonstrated rFSH-R [209]
AR AR represses LHβ transcription by interacting with SF-1 Pull-down bLHβ [154]
DP103 Inhibits SF-1 transcriptional activity by interacting with a proximal repression domain. Co-IP, pull-down P450scc, P450c21, progesterone production [148, 149]
P54nrb et PSF Repression of basal and induced hCYP17 promoter activity EMSA, co-IP hCYP17 [222]
WT1 Aromatase transcription inhibition. Integrity of the SFRE is required Not demonstrated Aromatase [223]
DAX-1 Inhibits SF-1 transcriptional activity NCoR/Alien recruitment Pull-down, two-hybrid Synthetic promoters and SF-1 target genes [107, 151, 152]