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Figure 2 | Nuclear Receptor

Figure 2

From: Complex effects of rexinoids on ligand dependent activation or inhibition of the xenobiotic receptor, CAR

Figure 2

The RXR ligand LG_1069 blocks effects of CAR ligands. A. HepG2 cells were cotransfected with vectors expressing wild type CAR (CAR wt), a CAR AF-2 deletion mutant (CARΔ8) or an RXR AF-2 deletion mutant (RXRΔ19), together with a luciferase reporter containing the βRARE response element, in the presence or absence of androstanol, TCPOBOP and/or LG1069. Luciferase activity is relative to that directed by CAR alone (100%). B. A CAR expression vector was cotransfected into HepG2 cells with the βRARE-TK-Luc reporter construct in the presence of solvent (open squares) or 100 nM LG1069 (solid diamonds) and increasing amounts of either androstanol or TCPOBOP as indicated. Luciferase activity is relative to that in the absence of ligand (100%).

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